Urgent Care is NOW Walk-In during operating hours! It is always best to call in advance to state that you need urgent care and are on the way! If you are a new general or urgent care patient? Please click below to completely our new client form now.

Silver Sands Veterinary

Silver Sands Veterinary now offers CONCIERGE SERVICE to make your day a little easier and decrease your waiting time!
We are pet healthcare that pairs exclusive, personalized care with accessibility and convenience.

Schedule Your First Free Visit

This offer is limited to new patients only!

  • The complimentary consultation does not include any other medical or surgical services either before or after the First Free Visit~Consultation.
  • No specific fee or fees can be quoted to any patient until appropriate and necessary diagnostic and/or treatment is completed.
  • Written estimates are always available for all veterinary services.
  • Only new clients are eligible that are becoming members of the Silver Sands Veterinary General Practice. New Clients must bring Medical Records from their previous practice to take advantage of this special courtesy from Dr. DeForge. Welcome to Silver Sands Veterinary.
  • Only one new patient per visit is permitted to give appointment time for others.
  • We are always in your corner!

What’s included in the exam?
The doctor’s time and the physical exam itself, which usually adds up to $71.00 per pet at SSV. That means if you have two pets, this Free Offer is worth $142.00!

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Terms & Conditions
This offer is not available for pocket pets and small mammals because of the time involved in the handling; examination; and discussion of husbandry considerations in these wonderful members of the Animal Kingdom. These small mammals are given special scrutiny by Dr. DeForge. A First Visit Office Call-Consultation is charged for these services!

There is an emergency fee for all Walk-In Urgent Care Patients.

Dr. DeForge-Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry announces: There is a $100.00 Consultation Fee for all Oral Care Referrals or Self-Referrals. This fee will be returned as a courtesy at the time you schedule your oral care diagnostics and treatment appointment. This gratis return of the $100.00 consultation fee is not common in veterinary dentistry but is a special incentive by Dr. DeForge to help you in the oral care of your pet.

Silver Sands

Walk-In Urgent Care

Now Open!

Avoid the long waiting and lines at the 24/7 ER Hospitals with Silver Sands Urgent Care:

Walk-Ins Welcome

All non-life threatening Urgent Care conditions treated while you wait!

Common Problems Treated in Animal Urgent Care:

    • Minor Trauma
    • Advanced Skin problems
    • Orthopedic problems
    • Eye problems
    • Arthritis patients
    • Urinary Problems
    • Ear Infection and Inflammation
    • Kidney-Acute and Chronic patients
    • Oral Pain-all types
    • Gastrointestinal Infection-Parasites-Obstruction- vomiting and diarrhea
    • Urinary Obstruction in cats
    • Constipation and Obstipation
    • Diabetes patients
    • Pain Patients-multi-centered
    • Cancer Patients
    • Respiratory Problems
    • Post-Surgical- Patient Induced Complications
    • Anal Sac Pain and Abscessation
    • Tooth Abscesses
    • Lameness
    • Difficult birthing problems
    • C-Sections

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    Unfortunately, the first visit free for new patients in our general practice at SSV does not apply to Urgent Care Patients.

    Contact Dr. DeForge at P-203-877-3221 or email DonDeForge100@gmail.com with questions.

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    New Puppy and Kitten Plan

    We are so excited to offer our new Puppy and Kitten Plan for 2021! Save money while making sure your newest family member is happy and healthy!

    Online Forms

    We’re here to make your life easier. Complete the forms at your convenience before your next visit!

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    We’re there for all stages of your pet’s life.

    From their first visit to see us and every visit after that, we’ll be there to provide ongoing care for your pet. You can expect to be greeted by a courteous receptionist, clean exam rooms, friendly doctors, and caring technicians. We appreciate the role we get to play in your pet’s health care.

    When it comes to your pet’s care, we offer everything they need under one roof. We do it all—wellness exams to surgery and everything in between. Our app makes managing your pet’s care more convenient. We also now offer house calls for pets!

    We look forward to getting to know you better and making you a part of the Silver Sands Veterinary family.

    Silver Sands Veterinary strives to provide the best medicine and highest standard of care to families and their four-legged children.

    General Services

    Our goal is to provide high-quality, complete veterinary care at SSV as we create a “home away from home” environment with loving nurses and assistants! Patients in the hospital will be comforted with blankets, fleeces, towels, and comfortable accommodations.

    Urgent Care
    The Silver Sands Veterinary team is experienced in treating minor emergencies and promptly treat minor medical conditions before they become life-threatening. Life-threatening emergencies should always be directed to the ER.
    Laser Therapy
    The Silver Sands Veterinary Physical Therapy and Rehab Department features low-level laser therapy (photobiomodulation) coupled with pharmaceuticals, exercise programs, and weight management.

    Untreated periodontal disease is cyclic and permanent. The early form of periodontal disease gingivitis is completely reversible. Periodontitis, advanced periodontal disease, is treatable and controllable but not reversible. That is why patients must be treated early! Once pathology is seated, it is much more difficult to treat and more costly to control.

    Get to know Dr. DeForge and the team!

    Dr. DeForge is the only Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry in Milford. He performs dental cleanings that are affordable, with dental X-ray diagnostics in the same manner as a human dentist! He also helps practitioners throughout Connecticut, New York, and New England in oral fracture problems, oral cancer, root canals in broken teeth, and in tooth restorations with caps or crowns. He has developed a surgical protocol for treating the painful cat stomatitis patient.

    Pet Insurance

    Pet insurance is one tool that enables clients to care for their fur babies without a great financial burden! Dr. DeForge and his professional team at SSV accept all pet insurances that are registered with the State of Connecticut Insurance Department.

    pet insurance header

    We love our clients and patients.

    “I trust Dr. Deforge to the ends of the earth…”

    “Our experience was wonderful…”

    “One of the best diagnosticians and practitioners”

    “The best veterinarian we have met…”

    We make payments stress-free!

    Silver Sands Veterinary accepts several financing options as well as all major credit cards, money orders, and certified bank checks.