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Frequently Asked Questions

Milford, CT

Silver Sands Veterinary FAQs

Some of our most frequently asked questions have been answered here.

Please feel free to call us for any other concerns you might have about your pet


Is Silver Sands Veterinary a general companion animal hospital?
Yes. Silver Sands Veterinary treats all of the medical problems of dogs and cats as any other veterinary hospital. Physical Exams; vaccines, the diagnosis and treatment of medical problems; and routine services such as spaying and neutering are performed.

Complex problems are treated at Silver Sands Veterinary with the assistance from Internal Medicine; Radiology; Cardiology; and Surgery specialists. Silver Sands Veterinary utilizes on-site specialists and virtual consultations with specialists. Dr. DeForge has a full service laboratory; digital whole body radiology; and a state of the art Surgery Department with multi-system anesthesia monitoring.

How is Silver Sands Veterinary responding to COVID-19?

Dr. DeForge’s response to COVID-19 has been immediate and is on-going. All CDC Guidelines are being followed. Virucidal disinfectant treatments are performed upon admission and discharge of all patients. Silver Sands Veterinary does not use Curbside as other veterinary hospitals have elected. Dr. DeForge uses something he feels is much better: the SAFE Locked Foyer. All admissions and discharges are ONLY through this SAFETY System with no social contact. You must bring your cell phone at the time of your appointment and call 203-877-3221 from our parking lot.

A Client Support Staff member will then explain the simplicity and SAFETY of our Locked Foyer System. On the Cover Page of our website you can read more about Dr. DeForge’s approach to SAFETY during this pandemic.

No decision has been made yet by our state and/or our federal health officials concerning when veterinary hospitals can re-open. Keep a close watch on our website for more information in the days ahead.

Does Silver Sands Veterinary have emergency care?
Yes. Dr. DeForge has been an ER doc for 45 years and is Chief of Staff of Silver Sands Urgent Care. Urgent care is for serious emergencies that are not life-threatening but could cause serious harm if left untreated. In the case of life-threatening problems, Dr. DeForge will refer you to one of the many 24/7 ER Centers in CT. Go to SilverSandsVeterinary.com to find out more about Urgent and Critical Care coverage of pet emergencies and WHERE TO GO when there is an emergency.
Is Silver Sands Veterinary open every day?
Our veterinary hospital is open 6 days per week. We are only closed on Sundays.

Please check SilverSandsVeterinary.com for hours of operation. If we are closing because of bad weather visit the WTNH APP on your Smart Phone and check for Cancellations due to bad weather. It will state when we are closed and when we will reopen. In early April 2021, you can find out the same important information on our NEW Silver Sands Veterinary APP!

Can I have a Telemedicine Virtual appointment if Dr. DeForge or other doctors at Silver Sands Veterinary that have never met my pet?
There must be a pre-existing Doctor-Client-Patient relationship on-site to use Telemedicine to its fullest. Dr. DeForge can still meet; greet, and consult with you on our Telemedicine platform but will not be able to treat the pet you love until he meets that pet on-site. The Telemedicine platform for a patient never seen on-site can be a great opportunity for Dr. DeForge to recommend testing that might help in the diagnosis of the problem[s] you are concerned about at the time of your virtual visit.
Is Dr. DeForge an Animal Dentist?

Yes – Dr. DeForge is a Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry. He treats routine oral periodontal care with teeth cleanings and also performs advanced oral care to restore a quality of life and a pain-free status for the pet you love. Call Dr. DeForge about your geriatric pet and let him help remove pain and discomfort. Pets live with pain thinking it is normal. That is a terrible life. Oral pain can be hidden or occult. Allow Dr. DeForge to make a difference in your fur baby’s life. He accepts oral referrals from veterinarians in CT and the tri-state area. Visit AnimalDentistrySolutions.blogspot.com to find out more.

At what age do I neuter or spay my cat or dog?
Dr. DeForge performs pre-puberty neutering and spaying. Certain breeds present exceptions to the time of neutering or spaying. During your puppy or kitten visit, talk to Dr. DeForge or one of the other doctors about the best time to neuter or spay.
Why has my pet been prescribed this medication and how long do I need to give it?

Dr. DeForge and his nursing team can tell you what the medication is expected to do for your pet and how many days to give it. The most important part of administering medication is understanding its benefit and being fully informed of potential side effects. Silver Sands Veterinary is in your pet’s corner! Contact our support team at DoctorDeForge@yahoo.com with questions about any medicine your pet is taking. Use all medicines to completion unless directed otherwise.

How do I give the medication to my pet? Should it be given with food?
Your pet may have fewer side effects, like an upset stomach, from some drugs if they are taken with food. Other medications are best to give on an empty stomach. Dr. DeForge will inform you if it is better to take the medicine with food or not. Ask for our NEW Hiding Medicine Form which gives you a list of the multiple ways to hide medicine in tasty foods that pets love. Never put medicine into your pet’s regular diet. It can stop your pet from eating because of the taste of the medicine.
Should I finish giving all of the medication, even if my pet seems to be back to normal
Always finish the entire prescription that has been given to you by Dr. DeForge. If you are concerned about how our pet is reacting to that medicine call Dr. DeForge so that he can hear what you are experiencing with your pet. In all other situations, always finish the entire prescription that has been given to your pet by Dr. DeForge.
When should I bring my pet back for a recheck? Will you be calling me to check on my pet’s progress, or should I call you?
Dr. DeForge uses a state-of-the-art reminder system for rechecks and primary appointments. You will be notified by Voice Mail; Text; and email so that you do not miss your appointment.
As a new patient what should I bring to my first visit to Silver Sands Veterinary?

As a new patient please bring all medical records from your previous doctor. Please have copies of lab reports; x-ray reports; other imaging; and a summary of all medical problems written by your previous veterinarian.

Always bring a fecal [stool] sample and a urine sample. You can pick up containers for these samples at Silver Sands Veterinary. Just call ahead saying you need sample containers.

The stool sample is especially important in new puppy or kitten patients. Because of COVID-19, we are asking you to take pictures of your medical records and send them ahead of your visit by email to doctordeforge@yahoo.com.

If the records are being sent directly from your previous veterinarian, they can scan the records to the same email. Please send these reports at least one week before your appointment.

Make sure that besides medical history you include a detailed history of any allergy to medicines; injectables; vaccines; or anesthetics as a PRIORITY acknowledgment.

A complete vaccine history with verification of an up-to-date Rabies Vaccination is especially important. Photograph the Rabies Vaccine certificate and email it to doctordeforge@yahoo.com before the day of your visit with Dr. DeForge or any other doctor at Silver Sands Veterinary.

Where is Silver Sands Veterinary?
Silver Sands Veterinary is in the heart of Milford, Ct. It is directly across the street from Dan Perkins Subaru [Boston Post Rd] and directly behind the AutoZone and the Milford Walk-In Medical Center. On our website is a map finder and GPS determinants.
Dr. DeForge is the Medical Director of Silver Sands Veterinary. Can you give me some background about his career?

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. DeForge returned to his hometown to practice veterinary medicine. He is now the senior practitioner in the City of Milford and is called upon as “Doc” by those in the community he has befriended over four decades.

He directs the companion animal practice and the urgent care practice at Silver Sands Veterinary. His special interests are pediatric and geriatric medicine.

In the late 1980s, he developed a special interest in oral care and after years of continuing education and testing was acknowledged as a Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry in 1995.

In 1996, he was honored as the North East Practitioner of the Year by the American Animal Hospital Association. That same year he received the Peter Emily Residents Award in small animal dentistry.

Dr. DeForge continues his career in general practice and urgent care at Silver Sands Veterinary. He Is always proud to mention that he has mentored 45 undergraduate students to reach their final goal of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

As Medical Director of Tri-State Veterinary Dentistry, he is the facilitator of the Dentistry Departments at Silver Sands Veterinary in Milford, CT and at Gold Coast Center for Veterinary Care in Huntington, Long Island. Feel free to contact Dr. DeForge at doctordeforge@yahoo.com.

How do I get to speak to Dr. DeForge?

Dr. DeForge loves to speak with existing clients and help new clients solve problems before they become serious. You can contact Dr. DeForge through our website, SilverSandsVeterinary.com; leave a Voice Mail at 203-877-3221; or email doctordeforge@yahoo.com. In April, you will be able to use the new free-Silver Sands Veterinary APP to communicate with Dr. DeForge and his nurses.

Does Silver Sands Veterinary have Virtual Telemedicine appointments?
Yes. Dr. DeForge has been a pioneer in Telemedicine appointments. For many reasons, it is very convenient to have a Virtual appointment on your Smart Phone; Tablet; or PC.

Starting in April 2021 Dr. DeForge is introducing the NEW SILVER SANDS VETERINARY APP with a Chat Room for all Virtual appointments. It will be very simple to utilize and be just another way that Silver Sands Veterinary is always finding new ways to improve communication.

Does Silver Sands Veterinary perform House Calls?

Yes – Dr. DeForge and his nurses perform house calls with complete physical exams; vaccinations; and minor testing at your home for those who cannot travel to Silver Sands Veterinary. This service is very helpful to the seniors and the handicapped. Some pets do not do well in veterinary hospitals and are much less nervous at home. Those are our “special” House Call Patients that Dr. DeForge is happy to meet in the comfort of their homes.

There is presently a Moratorium on the Silver Sands Veterinary House Call Service because of COVID-19. Please check SilverSandsVeterinary.com periodically to find out when this service will reopen.

When should I bring a new pet in for a check-up?
As soon as you adopt or purchase your pet call Dr. DeForge for a wellness exam and please bring a fecal sample to the visit to check for intestinal parasites. Some of your pet’s worms, if present, can be transmitted to people. This is a called zoonosis. Be proactive and allow Dr. DeForge to properly check for parasites and deworm the new fur baby in your home. Being proactive can save your pet’s life and prohibits the human transmission of certain parasites.
What food does Dr. DeForge recommend for me to feed my dog and cat?
Nutrition is the key to good health. At supermarkets; box stores; and the internet you can find hundreds of pet foods each stating they are the “best”! Schedule a nutritional exam consultation appointment with Dr. DeForge. He will review your pet’s breed; activity level; and general health to determine what is THE best diet to feed your pet. Overweight problems in pets have become an epidemic. Let Dr. DeForge help your pet to lose weight safely, if overweight, and how to maintain good health with the proper diet.
Does Silver Sands Veterinary perform physical therapy and rehabilitation in pets with back pain; hip dysplasia; arthritis; Cruciate Ligament strain; and post-surgery etc?
Dr. DeForge has introduced Laser Therapy with photobiomodulation for pain relief and healing acceleration. Schedule a Physical Therapy Consult with Dr. DeForge if your pet is showing signs of pain. Never allow pain to exist when it can be removed safely.
What should I do if my pet vomits or spits out the medication?
Dr. DeForge wants to hear from you if your pet vomits up a prescribed medicine. You may be told to stop giving the drug or to switch your pet to another drug. If a medicine is vomited up call Dr. DeForge about when to restart your medicine or to find out if he is going to change your medicine.
Could a new medication interact with other medications my pet is taking?
If you are a new client at Silver Sands Veterinary, always tell Dr. DeForge what other medications your pet is taking, including prescription medications, over-the-counter medicines, and herbs or other dietary supplements. Dr. DeForge wants to be sure there are no negative medicine interactions and will investigate all medicines you have been taking prior to visiting him at Silver Sands Veterinary.
How can I receive and estimate for spaying, neutering, and/or other medical or surgical services as a new client?
Under our resources, you can find our forms page, which will allow you to find and click on the New Client Form. Filling out this form will allow you to not only request a written estimate but also will allow our Support Staff to create a computer file that will expedite your appointment. Dr. DeForge makes all of your communications with Silver Sands Veterinary simple and easy to perform. Coming in April 2021, we will have our NEW Silver Sands Veterinary APP available, at no charge, to make communication even easier.