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About Silver Sands Veterinary

From their first visit to see us and every visit after that, at Silver Sands Veterinary, we’ll be there to provide ongoing care for your pet.

We’re there for all stages of your pet’s life

You can expect to be greeted by a courteous receptionist, clean exam rooms, friendly doctors, and caring technicians. We appreciate the role we get to play in your pet’s health care.

When it comes to your pet’s care, we offer everything they need under one roof. We do it all—wellness exams to surgery and everything in between. We also now offer house calls for pets!

We look forward to getting to know you better and making you a part of the Silver Sands Veterinary family.

Our Mission

Why do humans and animals have to grow up? When young, life is simple! Life at that time is about “us” and not about “me”! As we grow older, we become entangled in ego and self-importance and forget all of the important parts of life. We replace the word “love” with “self-pleasures” and ignore all of the important wonders of “us”! The “ME WORLD” has a lot to do with age, but it also has to do with the values that we were “taught” or “not taught” during that time of growth. Others feel that the values that we were taught become untaught as we develop partnerships or relationships with lovers who state we are wrong and they are right. As we grow, our relationships become very important—relationships with each other and with members of the animal kingdom. Many learn about the mystery of unconditional love given by animal to man at a very young age. Others do not experience it until they are older and bring a pet into their home for the first time.

With the understanding of unconditional love, a discernment of how exciting, energy-filled, and saturated with adventure this relationship becomes! Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, all of the wonders can get lost. It is so common today to see young people drifting into an identity that is consumed in self-interest, wealth accumulation, cheating, and falsehoods.

At this time, the mystery of the unconditional love supplied by our four-legged friends is also lost. The reason is always the same: “I am just too busy!” It is explained by the philosophy that everyone else is self-centered. Why shouldn’t I be the same? It is the easy road. No work ethic and a complete party ethic without responsibility become the norm. Is it easier to help someone or find a way to make yourself happy at the expense of others and the pet who provides unconditional love? No one is watching or judging you, and it is quite easy to take the road of indulgence rather than the road of concern for your fellow man or the pet that only wants to be a small part of your life. As a matter of fact, it is called “dumb” if you sacrifice to help someone or spend a few moments each day with your pet and not just enjoy the pleasure that you feel you deserve.

Take a moment and read the words of Dr. Leo Buscaglia that he coined in “A Start” and see if it makes as much sense to you as it does to our team at SSV. I have led my life as a practicing veterinarian trying to follow Leo’s prescription for happiness. If you read it carefully, it completely applies to the animal kingdom and not just to our relationships with humans. Our staff at SSV, welcomes you to join us at Silver Sands Veterinary. Take this same journey with us each day!

A Start by Dr. Leo Buscaglia
Each day, I promise myself not to try to solve all my life’s problems at once—nor shall I expect you to do so;

Starting each day, I shall try to learn something new about me and about you and about the world I live in, so that I may continue to experience all things as if they have been newly born;

Starting each day, I shall remember to communicate my joy as well as my despair, so that we can know each other better;

Starting each day, I shall remind myself to really listen to you and try to hear your point of view and to discover the least threatening way of giving you mine, remembering that we are both growing and changing a hundred different ways;

Starting each day, I shall remind myself that I am a human being and not demand perfection of you until I am perfect; so you are safe;

Starting each day, I shall try to be more aware of the beautiful things in the world—I’ll look at the flowers, I’ll look at the birds, I’ll look at the children, I’ll feel the cool breezes, I’ll eat good food, and most importantly, I’ll share these things with you;

Starting each day, I shall remind myself to reach out and touch you gently with my words, my eyes, and with my fingers, because I do not want to miss feeling you;

Starting each day, I shall dedicate myself again to the process of being a lover and then see what happens;

You know, I’m really convinced that if you were to define love, the only word big enough to engulf it all would be “life”—LOVE IS LIFE in all its aspects…and if you miss love, you miss life! Please don’t!

Commentary by Dr. DeForge:

Every year, a new movement surfaces concerning the care of the animal kingdom. All of these “care movements” are noteworthy, and each has a central point of importance. We approach our mission in a special way at Silver Sands Veterinary. With our prescription and Mission of Love, patients truly enjoy being with our nurses and doctors at Silver Sands Veterinary. They notice that we are listening to them, removing their fear and anxiety and most importantly, removing their pain. Our team at Silver Sands Veterinary wants your pets to consider SSV as their second home. We want it to become a second home of love, compassion, understanding, and happiness. Let us become part of your extended family! Most importantly, thank you for sharing your pet with us as we continue our daily Mission of Love. Humans are not able to reach the state of unconditional love supplied by the animal kingdom because of our nature. We must learn from the companions that give us unconditional love every day—a formidable task that is the Mission of Love that we all must pursue! Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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Dr. DeForge is the only Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry in Milford. He performs affordable dental cleanings with dental X-ray diagnostics in the same manner as a human dentist!

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