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I realize that no telemedicine diagnosis can be established without testing. If you elect not to pursue testing, you must call Dr. DeForge daily or email infoSilverSandsVeterinary.com daily and inform him immediately about any change in condition. Dr. DeForge will proceed with diagnostics, as you allow. I accept that veterinary medicine is an inexact science and that no guarantee of successful treatment has been made. I have read this statement and understand the nature of the procedure and accept the specific terms and conditions set forth. If your pet's condition worsens while under telemedicine care and consultation and Dr. DeForge is not available for an on-site visit, it is your responsibility to contact the nearest animal ER for 24/7 care and emergency diagnostics.


Silver Sands Veterinary is a hospital of compassionate care! Dr. DeForge realizes that your companion is as significant as a child in your home. He will always care for your pet with the love and concern that any pediatrician supplies to a child in their office.