Retired Greyhound Advantage

Providing affordable care for adopted and rescued Greyhounds


Retired Greyhounds are beautiful, loyal, and intelligent pets.

If given love, attention, proper food, medical care, and exercise, they can live a long life. Specialized veterinary care with knowledge and support will provide a pain-free quality of life. This care does not begin in the geriatric years but is part of every life stage of the greyhound. Your retired greyhound provides companionship and unconditional love as part of the mystery of the human-animal bond. You can return that love with basic veterinary care.

Dr. DeForge initiated the Retired Greyhound Advantage to provide affordable care for adopted and rescued greyhounds in new homes of love and companionship. As a veterinary dentist for over 20 years, Dr. DeForge has seen a plethora of oral disease in greyhounds. It is a suspected hereditary problem and can cause pain and a poor quality of life if left untreated. With the Greyhound Advantage, you now have a vehicle of affordable oral care to return the abnormal to normal and remove oral pain forever.