Puppy and kitten plan

Save more in 2021 with our new plan!


New 2021 Puppy and Kitten Plan

Welcoming a new puppy or kitten into your home can be very fun and exciting. However, making sure you start your new family member off on the right food can be a confusing and stressful endeavor. Here at Silver Sands Veterinary, we are proud to offer our new plan get your puppy or kitten healthy and save you money!

 For $40 per month for 12 months (with a $75 enrollment fee) you will receive all of the following treatments for your newest family member! This plan will save you a total of $525! Please call us to learn more or schedule your appointment.

Comprehensive physical exam


Pediatric Health Panel

No charge Rabies vaccine


all other vaccines with boosters at 50% off

TWO fecal treatments

THREE deworming treatments 

25% off spay or neuter surgery

**(surgery must be scheduled at 12-16 weeks of age)**

3 pediatric office visits


virtual telemedicine consultations