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Pet Health Insurance at Silver Sands Veterinary!

Commentary From Dr. DeForge-Pet Insurance for Your Fur Baby:

All of our fur babies come with uncertainties, about possible emergency care, from the time they are adopted and enter our homes!

Emergencies do happen…….no matter how careful or responsible we are each and every moment of time we share with our special friends.

After four decades of veterinary emergency and urgent care, Dr. DeForge has witnessed multiple pet emergencies.

Many pet owners are not prepared and do not have the resources to allow the doctor[s] and nurses of SSV Walk-In Urgent Care to demonstrate the responsibility and love that allows the SSV team to return pets back to their owners after serious medical or surgical problems……………. without great sacrifice!

Pet insurance is one tool that enables clients to care for their fur babies without great financial burden!

Dr. DeForge and his professional team at SSV, accept all pet insurances that are registered with the State of Connecticut Insurance Department.

Most of the policies offer comprehensive programs tailored to the needs of your pet.

Many insurance programs offer up to 90% reimbursement for covered conditions. Accidents and illness cannot be predicted. Do not wait till a crisis occurs to consider health insurance for your pet. Be proactive so you are not excluded because of a pre-existing condition.

Dr. DeForge asks you to call multiple pet insurance companies and make a flow sheet with answers to all of your questions. Ask for their answers in writing so that there is no confusion after you purchase the Pet Insurance Plan of your choice.

Try to avoid simple preventive care and tailor your policy to major medical and surgical problems. Make sure you ask for a Dental Illness inclusion in your policy.

Dr. DeForge tells clients the day they purchase or adopt a new pet is the same day to sign up for a Pet Insurance Policy. This requires doing homework before your new fur baby enters your home to be certain you are purchasing the plan that is best suited for you.

The cost of veterinary medical care continues to escalate as new technology and care becomes available to ensure a pain free quality of life. The buffer of Pet Insurance is no longer a luxury but a necessity!

The listing below is only a partial listing of well known pet insurance programs. It is not intended to be an exclusive listing of policies recommended by Dr. DeForge. It is a starting point to allow you to begin your journey in Pet Insurance for your fur baby. If you have questions about any policy contact the Insurer and the State of CT Insurance Department.

Listing of Pet Insurances and Websites

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