Sorry! Temporary Moratorium: House calls suspended because of COVID-19. We will be coming to your home again soon! We miss you! Look for an announcement stating: House Calls Are Back at SSV!

House Calls

Veterinary care in the comfort of your home!

In-home veterinary care is now available.

We’ve gone mobile! You can now visit Silver Sands Veterinary or we can come to your home for routine veterinary services. This is ideal for the nervous cat or the home with multiple pets! It is terrific for the giant breed dog owners!

Avoid making multiple trips to our hospital and let Dr. DeForge come directly to your home! The pet’s owner must be in the home at the time of the visit! This is a continuation of Dr. DeForge’s No Pet Left Behind Program.

We understand that a visit to the veterinary hospital may cause stress and anxiety for your pet, and this new initiative from Dr. Don DeForge is here to bring peace and calm to your pet’s veterinary visit at a low cost to you.


Home Visit: $85.00
Examinations: $77.00


  • Core exams and vaccines
  • Lab testing
  • Skin and allergy evaluation
  • Ear treatment
  • Urine and fecal testing
  • Parasite control and testing
  • Orthopedic exams
  • Oral exams
  • Nutritional and obesity counseling
  • Compassionate end of life care
  • And much more