COVID-19 Update


Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have focused on providing continued veterinary care for your companions while protecting the safety of our associates and clients.

You are always SAFE at Silver Sands Veterinary! Dr. DeForge has enforced the following policies as the new Safe Locked Foyer for Admissions and Discharge:

  • There is no public contact as SSV follows all CDC social distancing guidelines.
  • When arriving in our parking lot, call 203-877-3221 on your cell phone, and one of Dr. DeForge’s client support representatives will let you know when to bring your pet to our Safe Locked Foyer. After leaving your pet in our Safe Locked Foyer, please return to your car and keep your cell phone on for further directions.
  • Please do not leave the parking area unless a drop-off has been scheduled.
  • Dr. DeForge now has added drop-offs at no charge, so you can leave your pet while you take care of your daily tasks and then return for pick-up through this same Safe Locked Foyer. Ask for an approximate pick-up time before leaving.
  • Please wear a protective mask in our parking lot and during admission and discharge.
  • If someone else comes in as an emergency during your appointment time, please use the recommended CDC social distancing in our parking lot.
  • Please fill out your New Client Form online before your visit.
  • Please bring all cats in carriers.
  • Please inform our client support representative before your visit if your pet has separation anxiety or fear aggression when you are not with the pet you love!
  • If you have tested positive for COVD-19 or are ill, do not schedule an appointment and please ask to speak to Dr. DeForge about other emergency care options for the pet you love. Please, if you are in quarantine, do not schedule an appointment with Dr. DeForge at this time!
  • Working together, we will beat this virus and will be able to return to in-hospital visits, where we can talk to you face-to-face with the pet you love.
  • Remember, when leaving the Safe Locked Foyer, you will find a white bin with medical-surgical treatment records prepared by Dr. DeForge. Your medicines will also be in this bin along with personal belongings you may have left. The orange bin above your pet on the wall in the foyer is for lab specimens you may be dropping off.
  • Please be well and be safe!